Cohorted Beauty Box May 2020

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For me, the phrase ‘me time’ means Cohorted time. It's my time to spoil and indulge myself with some luxurious pampering. Coincidently I have been thinking a lot about how I can bring more life back in to my hair. This post-pregnancy juncture has been a testing time for my hair, it’s weak, dull and dry. Maybe my prayers have been heard as subsequently I opened up May's Cohorted beauty box and find what I was exactly looking for. This month’s theme was all about hair, in collaboration with Show Beauty, Cohorted kicked it up a notch this month and I couldn't be happier.

So, before we talk about how I got on with these products, let’s discuss two things: Firstly, don't forget that these boxes are worth far more than what you pay. The May box products are worth £205.00 and the best thing is that this can be yours for just £39.99 and by using this code

COHORTEDGIFTEDME at checkout (not affiliated) you can also claim a free gift!

Secondly, let's just take a minute to admire how gorgeous these bottles look. I mean it's like going to a high-end salon where you would expect to find such quality. They look so pretty on my bathroom shelf!

Okay, let's move on to the products... So, I have given it a good few weeks in order for me to utilise the products (because they are lush) so I can give more detailed feedback.

Show Beauty Sublime Repair Treatment Hair Mask.

I don't regularly use hair masks as often as I should as it tends to leave my hair quite heavy and greasy within a day. Even if I do, it has to be a small amount to mainly focus on the strands of my hair. This creamy 10 minute treatment works wonders. It provides intensive hydration to your hair leaving it healthier and full of life. Rich in essential amino acids, a blend of Soy Protein and Hydrolysed Pea Protein helps this Treatment Mask improve hairs elasticity, reduce brittleness and water-loss, and works to restore hair to its natural smoothness. A blend of Caviar and White Truffle extracts enrich this formula with potent conditioning and revitalising properties. I only use it once a week and only enough to work on my hair strands without applying it near my scalp area.

Show Beauty Lux Volume Lotion.

This has to be by far be my favourite. As I mentioned earlier, I needed more life back in my hair and this lotion is exactly what I needed. It's not just the volume element that I love but the fact that it conditions and nourishes my hair. Quinoa Protein does the trick as it targets and restores damaged hair. Botanical extracts of Aloe Vera, mango, kiwi and ginger contribute to condition and create shiny hair (I just love the sound of all these ingredients being incorporated in to this bottle!)

Show Beauty Decadence Hair fragrance.

This is the icing on the cake! Yes that's right, you can shampoo and condition but also go that extra mile and have gorgeous scented hair without worrying about reactions or aftereffects. I never like the idea of using scented fragrance as I always thought it may damage my hair but this an

impressive product. Not only does it have delicate fragrance, it also helps to condition and nourishes your hair and the best bit, it does not contain any parabens and sulphate.

Show Beauty Divine Thickening Mist.

Such a lightweight mist that increases oomph to each strand of your hair. It contains Lychee extract which eliminates free radicals which slows the effects of colour fading. I have used this on many occasions now and I love how the volume of my hair lasts for the whole day even the following morning! Definitely a keeper.

Show Beauty Body Shimmer Oil.

This has a blend of Argan and Jojoba which nourishes your skin leaving a natural glow. I have saved this one for summer and with hopes of going abroad as the lockdown eases off, I am looking forward to making use of this to add a shimmering glow to my skin!

I have been really impressed with the contents of this box and it definitely is value for money.

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