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I am sharing a Winter Care Kit kindly gifted to me by Dermalogica If you scroll down the images, you will see that I have placed them in the order that I have been using them. So let's start by Dermalogica PRECLEANSE BALM : As some of you may know I was using another brand balm to remove my make up and stuck by it for quite some time. Until I came across this Precleanse Balm which plays a role in removing waterproof make-up, any layers of excess oil sebum, pretty much any rubbish that is surfaced on your skin throughout the day. I am so far impressed by how it works for my skin, definitely one to keep as part of my skin care routine. Moving on to Dermalogica INTENSIVE MOISTURE CLEANSER : Cleanser that works perfect in line with the Precleanse Balm, this bad boy removes all the excess impurities without leaving your skin dry. Next step is the Dermalogica REDNESS RELIEF ESSENCE : quite a unique product works as a toner as well as a serum. I would say more of a serum than a toner as it calms the redness whereas a toner would restore the pH of your skin. Love the texture, works amazingly well to reduce any redness and sensitivity to your skin. I found this product just right for me especially after washing my face I tend to get redness around my cheeks, therefore this works perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Ok so I am including Dermalogica BARRIER DEFENSE BOOSTER and INTENSIVE MOISTURE BALANCE as a combined treatment. Barrier defence booster is an actual oil based product which locks in moisture to the skin. The product contains Squalane and Oat oil, both perfect combo to soothen and nourish the skin. I found using this along with Intensive moisture booster worked quite well as the moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated and reduces the appearance of dry skin and fine lines. Key ingredient for me has to be Vitamin C which reduces the signs of premature ageing (again being a mother of two the last thing I would want is ageing myself alot quicker than usual) 😉😋 I now move on to Dermalogica NIGHTLY LIP TREATMENT : Definitely a new product added to my skin care routine. I never come across a nightly lip routine, so I was quite excited and intrigued to try this out. The best bit was to know it had extracts of Sesame Seed which plays a huge role in reducing wrinkles and fine lines around your lips. I never took into consideration of looking after around my lips area until I came across this cream. Definitely worth an investment as you only need to make use of this cream during the night for it to work wonders! Final product to share with you all for this #wintercarekit of Dermalogica is RAPID REVEAL PEEL : a highly recommended peel which I have researched alot on. Getting a face peel done at a clinic can be quite expensive. For a professional peel, it will set you back around a hundred GBP which not everyone can afford. Nevertheless, every women wants to look their best and feel confident about themselves. Dermalogica rapid reveal peel speaks for itself, YES that's right rapid results!! This peel contains the most beneficial ingredients such as Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme and Rice Bran Extract which resurface and help even out skin tone. It also contains Australian Caviar Lime Extracts which makes your skin more bright and radiant. If you are one of the millions who have a busy life whether its motherhood (like myself), work life or whatever busy lifestyle it may be, this peel will work wonders to your skin providing illuminous, smooth, hydrated looking skin! On a final note, anyone out there wanting to purchase Dermalogica products, I definitely recommend you try out face mapping online. This will give you a better idea as to what your skin needs!

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