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Having a bad hair day? I know I am! Being a mum means looking after yourself, which, if you're not careful, can be a challenge. It's not only our skin we have to maintain but also our hair. Hair plays a huge role for women, not only in boosting our confidence but also the hassle of untangling, split ends, shredding etc. No doubt I'm sure men feel the same way about haircare.

Yes having all the multivitamins and having a healthy diet is a good start but how can I make my hair look ultra healthy immediately without spending too much money? I mean let's face it not like everyone has the luxury of going to salons and looking your best all day every day. Whether you wear a headscarf/bandana or not, having healthy looking hair makes a hell of a difference in your confidence (just watch the l'Oréal ads!).

This is where Phyto Joba Moisturising Hair Mask comes in to play. I was kindly gifted this item to test out. I have been using this deep cleansing mask for nearly 3 months now. I didn't post a review sooner as I thought it would be pointless trying and testing a product like this for only a short period of time especially if I only use it twice a week.

So first and foremost, does this product make your hair shine? My answer is 100% yes! It leaves a silky looking shine to your hair without weighing it down. I usually notice this more when I wash and blow dry my hair. This mask is the ultimate moisture for your hair, it contains a unique concentration of angelica root extract and sweet orange essential oil which delivers a silky and shiny feel to your hair! If it’s dry or damaged, one treatment will give you a noticeable difference in texture and silkiness. However, I recommend to use it twice a week especially if you have very fine hair like me, otherwise it will weigh it down and start looking greasy. Upon application, I tend to leave it in my hair for approximately 2 minutes, enough to do the trick!

I like the fact that this product contains jojoba oil, this is essential for restoring hydrolipidic film which is the protective film that covers your skin protecting it against bacteria. It consists of perspiration, water, sebum and lipids.

Another ingredient that stood out for me was pea proteins which protects the hair from being less fragile. This protein keeps your hair healthy and hydrated in order to reduce breakage. Pea protein reduces the loss of water from your hair in order to keep it hydrated. In the past I often coloured my hair which left my hair strands dry and brittle. So for me this product has been a saviour.

Anyway, enough of the chemistry lesson! Like many products out there it is hard to find something that you can stick to for a good period of time. Then having to factor in the cost of each product that you use. In layman's terms this product is designed to ensure you have healthy looking hair and reduce as much hair loss as possible. This is exactly what I need as part of my hair routine! I haven't used Phyto brand before but I will be purchasing some of their other products as they have so far ticked all my boxes.

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