Herbivore Botanical Orchid Facial Oil

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For those who saw my unboxing of the Liberty London Advent Calendar will know just how diverse the brands were. Some brands we have heard of and are pretty popular in the world of beauty. However we were introduced to a host of brands that are not available from high street retailers.

Box number two consisted of one of my recent favourite products which is this Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Facial Oil. I briefly touched on this product on my Instagram where I mentioned I had been using this oil for at least 3 months. Well it's now been a lot longer which means I am able to give more of an accurate review of whether it's still one to invest in. In short, Yes I still love it! I know its expensive especially for such a small bottle but this product is all about the quality and rapid results. The more I used it the more effective it was and to be honest, I'm kind of addicted to it.

This oil provides hydration to dull dry skin, perfect oil to use during the winter months. Although it's an oil, it's lightweight so it doesn't leave your skin all greasy, in fact it leaves a lovely glow to your skin. I find this oil most effective when I am about to apply make up. I don't apply make up immediately as the oil has to settle well into my skin. Throughout the day I still have this glow on my face and trust me when I say this, it's not just the make up doing the trick! This oil contains orchid extract, jasmine sambac and Japanese camellia flower oil all which helps feed the skin with all the relevant vitamins.

Being a full time mum can have a knock on effect to your skin. You tend to loose the routine of drinking 2 litres of water a day (if anything the most I get on a usual day is around half a litre - that's if I am lucky!) and lacking the healthy balanced diet. This can have a huge knock on effect to my skin being deprived of hydration and causing dullness. The jasmine sambac oil increases the skin elasticity and retains moisture. This is why I vouch for this oil, it works wonders at times like this when I need it the most. As you all know me when it comes to using a certain product, I am all about keeping it natural and this oil has all the natural ingredients just what my skin craves for!

Check out this amazing product which is also available on Amazon

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