Leggings - a wardrobe investment

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Leggings never go out of style, whether it's in summer or winter. This fine piece works well with any outfit, you can re-purpose them in variety of ways too depending on what type of look you are going for. Not sure about you guys, but there have been many times when I open up the wardrobe and I just don't know what to wear. You have so many options that you are overwhelmed by the choices that are available. How I work is by choosing one piece and curating my very own capsule wardrobe.

Lately, I have been trying repeated styles and wanted to share them with you guys. These gorgeous pair of Zara leggings were purchased whilst I was pregnant which I wore whilst pregnant and have been wearing since. The material works perfect for any body size, it has that durability to stretch around your waist as well as your legs. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I have rounded up a couple of outfits together that go perfect with these leggings.

My go-to affordable high street brand for unique stylish leggings has to be Zara. Not only do they do various shades but they also sell different styles and materials to suit every look. If you look closely at the pattern, you can see that they are chequed leggings that are smart for work and going out, the suede and faux leather look which is currently in trend at the moment. (I have my eyes on the faux leather leggings which I cannot wait to share on my next Zara haul eeek!). Their variety consists of pretty much every type which suits any style.

"Confidence builds fashion and that is how I have built my wardrobe. You have to be comfortable in what you wear, whether you are slim or a plus size, it doesn't matter, you have to build that courage to make the outfit work"

I like the idea of mixing and matching with the old and the new. You can shop less and have better quality pieces in your wardrobe that can last longer. Running after fast fashion can only create wastage and ruin the planet. Choose your timeless pieces wisely and create a variety of looks. Yes, from time to time it's nice to treat yourself and purchase something. However, make it an investment with your existing items in your wardrobe by re-wearing them. This is where I have created my look by re-wearing the pieces over and over again. I hope this inspires you to go and have a look in your wardrobe and think of ways to create looks with your current pieces.

Go and curate your own capsule wardrobe with your existing pieces and let me know how you get on.

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