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Everyday can be a stress of not knowing what to cook Sometimes you just want to make a quick and simple dish that can be tasty and filling. Lately I have had a craving for chickpeas and knowing the goodness it contains, well there's no doubt that we all know. So here's a few benefits for those of you who don't know or only think that you can make an Indian dish or hummus with chickpeas, I'd like to share:

• High in protein (perfect for vegans and vegetarians)

• Great source of fibre

• High in vitamins and minerals

• Helps control blood sugar level

Yes, its true chickpeas is so widely common for hummus but it's nice to be able experiment different ways to create recipes. For all you coffee lovers out there, did you know chickpeas can be used as caffeine-free coffee substitute?! As long as they’re ground-roasted, they can create a taste and consistency that’s similar to regular coffee (just without the caffeine).

I am sharing my quick 15 minute recipe that's delicious for lunching. Hope you all enjoy making it and be sure to tag me on Instagram.


1 can of chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

3 celery stalks diced

1 shallot roughly chopped

2 tbsp fresh basil

2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 lemon

3 tbsp grated cheese of your choice (I chose Leicester cheese)

salt and pepper

Seeded bread or plain brown bread


Smash chickpeas in a large bowl

Add all your ingredients, mix to combine.

Spread on your bread with chopped fresh basil.

There's a whole chickpea world out there beyond hummus. From crunchy, spicy snacks to main ingredients, chickpeas are one of the best ingredients you can keep in your pantry. In fact, keep a lot. these chickpeas should be a staple in your kitchen!! Bon Appetit

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