Motherhood vs Early Childhood

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Just when I thought I would be able to fit back in to my pre-pregnancy jeans, I end up going through it all again! Motherhood... Who would have thought that it's a lifetime job, where you sacrifice so much? Like any other job you don’t get to take a break, annual leave, or a sabbatical.. you don’t even get to take a lunch break or even a wee break! Everything is on demand, every second, every hour of the day.

When you’re in another room trying to get things done whilst they are asleep, you hear a moan or a cry and you run back in to the room to realise your paranoia of hearing things. You are so conscious that one baby doesn’t wake up the other.. So worried that you don’t want them to have a short nap.. Is it because I care for them or is it because I need my sanity or because I want to get everything done around the house?!It generally commences when the baby has no routine.. It’s on demand 24/7, yes that's right, food supply had to be readily available anytime of the day.. There is no routine.. The baby knows only to eat.. sleep.. poop.. repeat!

When it comes to going out with my babies I try to ensure that they remain fed and asleep throughout my shopping frenzy.. It’s just expected that when you’re in a queue another child screams and you turn back with a dirty look. You are worried because they might wake up your children. You are worried that people will look at you if your children wake up crying their eyes out.I am sat on my bed the middle of the night.... No, let me rephrase that, it is 2:52am and I am writing this whilst I have my babies fast asleep. I sit here and start over thinking things…

Will I ever get the full 8 hours sleep ever again?

Will I be able to fit in to my jeans?

What shall I cook for today?

Do I have all the ingredients for this evening’s dinner?

If I wake up early I can get the prep done!

I can hear my son moaning through the monitor, is he in pain?

This teething is a f**king nightmare!

If my hubby snores again I will kill him!!

Why doesn’t the youngest one sleep?

Why doesn’t she take a dummy?

Should I leave the nappy change.. I'm sure she will be fine for another 3 hours!

Will she ever sleep for longer than an hour?

Does she even realise I have not slept for a decade now?!

Omg should I check out more stuff online to buy??

Despite a million and one things running through my head, as soon as I see that smile on their faces, at that moment I know one thing is for sure... I wouldn't change any of this for the world!!

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