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It is Imperative for us to be well aware of the society wherein we live… We see the achievements of some and the struggles of many. Yet sometimes we continue to live in bubbles and remain oblivious to the outside world. Nope, this is not a philosophy lesson by Karl Marx, although he does say we enter into certain productive, or economic, relations and these relations lead to a form of social consciousness… This is about a brand that has taken its social consciousness and is making the world a better place by trying to succour those who are living in a state of deprivation.

The perfume industry is congested with your ‘run of the mill’ fancy dressed, designer branded, labelled bottles with money heavily thrown at marketing so you can put your hand in your pocket/purse and throw your hard earned money at them. We’re a cog in the wheel of the fragrance industry and we just keep going round and round.

The beauty world’s first socially conscious luxury fragrance house, Sana Jardin is intensifying a revolutionary blazing trail – and it’s common scents (pun intended!). The brand is creating social change by advocating the economic empowerment of women through ‘The Beyond Sustainability Movement’, aiming to empower all the women it touches – from producer to consumer. Exuding nature’s most exotic aromas and harnessing the healing power of plants and essential oils, these fragrances support positive change.

Read about the Orange Blossom Project in conjunction with NEST in 2015 and how the brand taught indigenous women in rural Morocco, the skills to create products such as scented candles and orange blossom water (using the by-products from the flower harvest and fragrance distillation) to resell nationally.

I received this Discovery Set featuring eight sample (2ml) sizes of the brand’s signature blends: Berber Blonde, Savage Jasmine, Tiger By Her Side, Sandalwood Temple, Celestial Patchouli, Nubian Musk, Revolution de la Fleur and Jaipur Chant. The bottles and outer packaging are made of glass and cardboard and are 100% recyclable. It is a sample set so not all the scents are of my liking, however, each scent is unique and matches the description. I think if I smelt these at different times of the year I would have a different opinion but I’m sure there is at least a scent for everyone.

For me though, I would invest my money in Tiger By Her Side. This scent is just gorgeous. Its a seductive and mysterious fragrance with amber and velvety Moroccan rose, patchouli and incense. I never though Patchouli and incense would marry up to be a good mix but was I wrong. This spicy-oriental fragrance ticks the boxes and I cannot complain about the longevity either. If I’m honest, I’ve been basking in this for the last few days and now it’s finished. I wish I had a bigger bottle!

One of the pertinent components of this brand is not only about the sustainability and the social consciousness, it’s the fact that the nose behind the fragrance is actually Carlos Benaim! His portfolio alone is a good enough bona fide to be excited to know that the scents are not just mixed at random until you fluke a half decent smell! This master perfumer is behind fragrances for brands such as YSL, Estée Lauder, Christian Dior, Loewe, Chloé, Alfred Dunhill and many more. You can’t deny the substantiation when a brand is backed by the Perfumer of the Year Lifetime Achievement award winner!!

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