The Chronicles of Kitchenware

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The kitchen is a place of refuge and experimentation. It's where childhood memories are forged and where late nights come to a satisfying end. In other words; the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

Let's face it, during this lock down we all have been experimenting in our kitchen more than usual. Spending more time creating new dishes and trying out new skills! Knowing all this time is going to be spent in the kitchen has encouraged me to swap out a few of my older kitchenware and to add

those which I was lacking. So I'd like to share my new additions. I will link these below.

Kitchenware is a necessity that is required in every home. When you have the right kitchenware, you can cook, serve, and store food easily. However, I've embarked on a different route and brought items separately from different places. Let's not kid ourselves, this approach is not only time

consuming but can be expensive too. What you get in return is versatility, vibrancy and variety. You can, if you like just head over to your local supermarket and buy a box set. You factor in the pattern and the price and off you go.

Now let's go over to the other side of the fence.. try to purchase kitchenware that is different, that resembles you and that dictates an aesthetically pleasing vibe about its visual charisma. Basically, I've gone about this backwards. I want to ensure that I get all the right kitchenware first to allow me to then envisage an idea about how I'm going to upgrade my kitchen. Here is my list of additions:

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