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Most important question ever - What is the first thing that appeals to you when purchasing skin care products?







Its not easy trying to find something which works for you just the way you want it to. It's trial and error at best until you settle on something which does what you need it to. Well, let me throw a spanner in the works if you have settled on a product or if you're in the market looking for something better then look no further. I may just have what you're looking for.. I was kindly gifted this lovely Seedlings gift box by Votary London. So the first thing that caught my eye, and something which I always lookout for is that it had natural ingredients. This was the perfect time for me to test out the products whilst I was pregnant, as it suited dry, sensitive and hormonal skin. It's been over 3 weeks now and I have been using this religiously, I cant fault it! It's been a saviour ensuring my skin stays glowing, moisturised and feeling hydrated...

Being pregnant and having a 17 month old can be a handful, this means you lack the consistent diet, skincare and sleep (not to forget sanity, but that's another topic for another day!). However, Votary London may not resolve all my problems but all I can say is that it has worked wonders to my skin. As per my previous blog, I mentioned that I received a full size bottle of Votary London Super Seed Facial oil in my Liberty London advent calendar, which is perfect to continue with the routine I have and I will definitely be topping up the miniatures which will be soon coming to an end! For the icing on the cake, Votary London scent (pun intended) a candle which is nicely placed in my living room.

There are very few brands out there who have products which make all the difference. however, I feel that from the ones that i've tried and tested Votary London is one of the few who make the cut. Not only does it make the cut but it far exceeds those expectations of what you want from a skincare brand. So going back to my initial question.. "What is the first thing that appeals to you when purchasing skin care products?" For Votary London, it exceeds the expectation on each point I mentioned and therefore it gets my vote!!

For those of you who haven't, check out my unboxing of the Votary London products on my Instagram page @MoodByFidiarts


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